Every year, the company is growing up every year, operating on an annual basis.


Premium Storage / Shade Brand 'Horeum', Wash / Shower Booth Bathroom Goods Brand 'La Vartio Bath', with the operation of "101do" specialized in hobbies, living and interior shopping malls. It operates the garden goods brand 'Hortus Garden' and the parasol / sunshade brand 'Istars'.
We select global manufacturing plants that have been proven to export to North America, Europe, and Japan, and import and distribute products that are custom-made in accordance with the domestic market environment and consumer pattern.

Passion temperature 100 degrees + 1 degree '101do'

101do offers happy experience everyday.
From materials to accessories decorating the house, DIY culture and daily necessities for everyday life,
we will make efforts to be able to help with everyday happy experiences through interesting stories and products.







A variety of premium DIY warehouse brands including DIY warehouse, greenhouse and tents

  • Horreum Classic Plastic Warehouse

    Signature design of horreum, plastic warehouse without corrosion
  • Horreum Steal Warehouse

    If you are looking for best cost effective warehouse, do not miss this item
  • Horreum Greenhouse

    Sturdy greenhouse with 6mm polycarbonate sheet

CALEO bath

Bathroom ware brand including wash basin, tray for bathtub

CALEO Marketing

Awareness increase effect with various public relation channels