Every year, the company is growing up every year, operating on an annual basis.


"All parts of the world in one place"

Devicemart is a leader in the market share of electronics / robotics / machinery parts.

Daily visitors 15,000 / Members 120,000

The reason why Devicemart is the best in Korea !

The distribution division of NTREX operate Devicemart.
We aim to provide the best service and satisfation through various contents and marketing channels while focusing on shopping mall.
There are 10,000 visitors, 170,000 pageviews per day and 120,000 members.
We have been selling products with our own logistics center which is about 1,983 m² (square meter).

Overseas purchase product sevice

Selling hundreds of items
being sold by global sellers

Upgrading logistics system

Total floor area 4,500 ㎡
4 floors Intergraed Management System

Introduced same-day shipping system

80% of the products in stock !
Service for shipping fastly

Introduction of simple payment system

Kakao pay, Naver pay
System introduction

Variety of events and promotion

Discount Sale, Regular Sale, 1+1 Gift, Prize Gift Event

Maker sevice operation

Customized service
for DIY make activity!

Customized service for our customers

We help our customers whoever need electronic components such as general members and
corporation, shcools and public institutions to purchase more efficiently and effectively for the customer satisfaction.
Also, we can supply reliable products quickly because we have stable domestic and overseas supply chains based on the experience
in trading practice and purchasing know-how for many years.

  • Credit and postpayment
    transaction services

    Credit transaction is the payment method that after the customers place an order and receive the items, payment is proceeded untill the specified payment date for the convenience of the purchase order.
  • Bidding and delivery
    for the public institutions and schools

    Devicemart sales team provides purchase management service for MRO items which is used in the schools and public institutions through professional sales personnel with an average of more than 4 years working experience.
  • Mass Production and
    Bulk Purchase Services

    We'd like to assist our customers who need affordable unit price because of a bulk purchase or want to pay fixed unit price. Also, it is possible to assist our customers who need stable supply.
  • Postpayment transactions
    in schools and government offices

    Simplified purchase procedures through various payment systems and integrated purchase system including postpayment, research fund card, payment in advance.
    We offer fast purchase service with one to one response by salesperson
  • An official dealer
    of the foreign famous brands

    An official dealer of the various foregin famous brand such as parkfun, SEEED,DFROBOT,adafruit,Pololu,Digilent.
    You can receive products of foreign brands.
  • Customizing service
    for educational kit

    It is a service that sells the essential parts that are necessary for the lesson.
    You can create your own kits by inserting school, department and club name on the kit label paper.

Holding competition

holding competition from Devicemart in order to contribute the enhancement of competitiveness
for the Korean electronics, robotics, mechanical engineering field and the Invigoration of DIY project development.