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Motion Systems & Motor Driver

MoonWalke which is motor controller brand is suitable for various FA equipment, robots, 3D printers, etc. It is the product which has excellent quality and economical price


NTREX LAB produces industrial robots which could be used in various industry field and
various line-up moter controller based on the technology of digital motor control filed.
Our lab is trying to meet various demands of fast changing auto industry field.

Features of MoonWalker

  • Auto Gain Tunning!The tunning can be completed with one button.
  • Step Servo which is Full Closed Loop Type!
  • Built-in Field Oriented Control!
  • For iServo STEP,all the torque range of the motor is utilized due to the current control meeting the load!
  • Low heat outputonly using the amount of current required by the load!
  • Low vibration due to noise removal effect when stopped

Features of MoonWalker Equipment

  • Excellent work performance
    at a low price
  • Easy operation and
    setting with Mini-C
    (UI provided)
  • High hardness and
    simple design
  • Available in various shapes and
    in diverse fields